Monday, August 22, 2011

Time to get caught up!!!!

Wow, it's been months and we've been BUSY!!!!

We got through the end of the school year for Sophie and Sam. I took a few months off due to everything coming up.
The middle of May I did the woman of Steel triathlon in American Fork. It was a tougher course but was really fun. I had trained a couple of girls from school to do it with the Tri for Parkinson's team and we have a blast.

The next weekend we headed to California as a family to do the annual fountain Valley Triathlon. My mom joined us as we raced again for Tri for Parkinson's. I was sicker than a dog and decided to just fill myself with theraflu and drugs and go for it. I was tough but was able to maintain my time.
Sophie did the kids Tri and I think is just as hooked as Sam and I are.

Then we headed to Seattle for 2 weeks where I held the first annual Tri for Parkinson's 5k/10k. It was a pretty good success with over 100 runners. Can't wait for next year. The kids had so much fun being back in Seattle playing with cousins, friends, and spending time at Grandma and Grandpa's. 

We packed it up and headed back to Utah. A few days later I did my first half marathon. Let me give you some advice. Do not do a half Marathon a high altitude after being at sea level for a month, bring your own water in case they run out and don't buy new shoes the week before. If you have those things down you'll do great. ;)

The next little bit was nice and quiet(well for us anyway). I was out of school so the kids and I got to play and swim as often as we could. I think we all needed it.

Sam had 2 weeks off of school till Fall starts and we enjoyed a long bike ride, swim workouts and hikes as a family.

This last weekend I was able to go run the Grand Teton Relay. That's an adventure and story for it's own post!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My body...we have a, well just hate relationship!!

I can't even say love/hate. It's just hate.
1. I can't lose weight. I know what you are all thinking. I must be doing something wrong.
  I exercise everyday. Some days for 90 minutes(running, swimming, spinning and so on).
   I eat 1500 calories and do no sugar. Ok so I do drink diet coke but also drink tons of water.
2. I have ovaries that hate me and the world around me. They are trying to punish me. Don't know why I havewhat is called polycystic ovarian disease.
3. I don't sleep well. I am always tired in the morning. ALWAYS.
4. I have a broken ankle that I run, swim and spin with. It hates me also.
5. Shin splints-they hate me.

I finally saved enough money to get a bodybugg. Its like walking around with monitors that calculate everything you do. It said I should have lost 3-4 lbs my first week according to my excess calorie burn. I gained a pound.  It confirmed to me that I am not crazy. Something is just so wrong.

So while a few of these things are self induced, some are not. BUT, I think for the first time in 20 I may have ideas of what is wrong with me.
My lovely husband who is a pre-med student, and ususally makes me batty with all his diagnosing, was learning about a new disease and its like it all fell in his lap.
I am going to have testing done for Cushing's Syndrome. It all makes so much sense and would explain everything if I do have it.
The down side. It would mean I have a tumor on my pituitary gland and need Chemo, radiation, or surgery.  While I pray I don't have the tumor and I don't need to do any of the previous things mentioned, I would also love to finally know why I am the way I am. Which is the lesser of 2 evils I guess?

Monday, January 10, 2011

A ride home....

Tonight was an interesting night for me. I did my usual swap the kids in a parking lot with Sam, all whining and crying. The mom guilt of wishing they were home playing instead of getting hauled around cause of our busy schedule. I was having that "what am I doing?" feeling. Like running in circles.
I sat in class feeling soooo tired and worn down. I hopped up to take my first client. You know the perky girl working it for big tips. ;)
I'm going through all the motions and just ready to be done and go to bed. I find out a girl at school doesn't have a ride home. Do I want to do it? No. It's already 10 pm and she is still working on someone. I'm getting grumpy and really want to go home but keep on a happy face. Finally leave school at 10:30 and drive her home. We start to talk. I don't know this girl all that well. Something made her start to talk and tell me how she feels lost and wants to be active in church again and feel like she belongs. I start to talk with her and answer her questions and tell her how things happened for me and the way I made the decision to live my life the way I am.
I don't think she realized it, but man, did I need that conversation.
I have nothing to complain about. There are some people out there that are so lost and have no idea how to make it better. I may not have money, or fancy things, or even an ipod for pete sakes. BUT I AM HAPPY! I know who I am and know where I am going. That's more than I think a lot of people have. I am truly blessed.
Who knew beauty school could be so deep?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh, Henry!!!

Me~Henry, what do you need to do if you pee on the seat?

Henry~Wipe it off. But it wasnt me....It was Sophie.

Me~Sophie doesn't pee on the seat. She's a girl.

Henry~yeah huh, she's crazy.

Me~Henry, girl's do NOT pee on the seat.

Henry~gguuhhh, fine it was me. But just this time. It's usually Sophie.
Round 2
Henry~Mom, There is a booger in my hair and pretty sure it's not mine.
Me~How do you know?
Henry~I didn't pick my nose today.
Don't worry it was silly putty.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Merry!!

Phew, we made it through. Barely! Sam picked up tons of shifts at the MTC and I still had school everyday but Christmas day. So it was crazy but great. I made Christmas Eve dinner for the first time and have to say it was dang good. I was running out of time and did NOT iron my table cloth. I know my mom will be mortified. I know, I know. Talk about a thrown together table.

The kids were so excited for Santa I thought 1 or 2 of them may pass out.

and the most wanted gift in the house.
BYU bedding! A happy boy!!

Lucy was so cute with all her "wow"! She was in heaven.
Hope everyone had a very blessed and happy holiday.